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Methods of Religious Study

on Thu 24 Apr 2014, 6:02 pm
Methods of Religious Study

There are now major ways of studying religion, the brief historical studies done at beginning of this down through ages there have been different perspectives, some of these are:

1. Archaeology local Studies: When we talk of archaeology local studies, we refer to the study of ancient civilization. Archaeology has made a profound contribution and impart in the study of religion. For instance, early in 1841 the discovery of pre-historic human air craft and some many other discoveries.

2. Sociological Studies: Sociology is the study of society and how people lives in the society. In sociology study of religion, the father of modern sociology called Augustine Comte propounded three (3) stages of studying though sociological method.

i. Theological Stage: This stage deals with study of superhuman being.

ii. Metaphysical Stage: Abstract and unseen forces

iii. Positivistic Stage: These involve religion and science

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