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How to eat a balanced and healthy diet in Ramadan

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PostSpeed on Sun 12 Jan 2014, 4:04 pm

Eating healthy food helps one feel great, have a strong immune system and to have enough energy to enjoy life the way our Creator wants us to enjoy life in a lawful manner. Eating healthy is what can keep us physically fit and mentally sharp even at ages of 60, 70 and even 80 and even more. This applies for the young generation as well. There is a saying that "take care of your body until age 40 and the body will take care of you after 40".

The month of Ramadan is meant for physical and spiritual rejuvenation. Most Muslims focus on the spiritual rejuvenation aspect only, and lose sight of the physical aspects. In fact, many Muslims end up inflicting more harm to their bodies in Ramadan than usual. Eating foods high in fat and in sugar at the wrong times, hurts the body more than it heals. Moreover, some Muslims go overboard and eat in large quantities defeating the purpose of the physical aspects of fasting.

Following are some of the considerations for eating healthy in Ramadan. This Ramadan, make sure that you try to improve your eating habits so you can enjoy more the spirit of the month.

Strive to keep Ramadan meal preparation on the healthy side, i.e. (1) eat more raw foods such as salads, vegetable juices and steamed vegetables, (2) avoid fried foods, (3) avoid a lot of sugar laden drinks, and (4) limit sweets such as cookies, cakes, etc.

Eating healthy and being physically fit and active prevents certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity

Eating healthy will allow your skin will look its best as well.

Become more educated about the foods you eat and the number of calories and amounts of nutrients they contain. To start eating healthy you must make this a higher priority in your life.

Low carb diets also gives you more energy thus making you more likely to want to exercise.

Low carb diets are based on the premise that a diet very low in carbohydrate leads to a reduction in the body's insulin production, resulting in fat and protein (muscle) stores being used as its main energy source.

Again, many experts agree that fried foods are toxic to the body and block your arteries. Avoid them as much as you can !

Remember, eating healthy is not about dieting; rather it is a way to improve the quality of your health.

Eat in small quantities - do not stuff yourself. Some of us have the habit of overeating in a very short duration as we break our fasts.

As always, check with your physician to ensure that your nutrition plan is appropriate for your body.
Remember, the month of Ramadan is to thank you Creator for the bounties that He has given us and not a time to waste those bounties to hurt our bodies and health.
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Lv2: Member
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PostVivian on Sun 12 Jan 2014, 4:31 pm

Are u sure?
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PostThomas.898 on Sun 12 Jan 2014, 4:32 pm

I love your thread. But i didn't see things like hmmm!
1. Drinking plenty of water
2. Having plenty of rest
3. Exercising your body.
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Lv3: Senior Member
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PostSpeed on Sun 12 Jan 2014, 4:42 pm

@Vivian wrote:Are u sure?

Jst try some out of it sha..
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