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Lv4: Born Poster
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Can Nigeria Use Electroni Ballots in Presidential Elections!

on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 12:31 pm
With the advancement in Technology and science, I am of the opion that we should upgrade the way elections are caaried out.

According to ehow, it says
ehow wrote:Electronic Ballots, voters are presented a list of options on a computerized screen. The party associated with each candidate is represented next to the candidate's name. A voter registers his vote by pushing a button next to the name of his preferred candidate. The system then electronically records the voter's selection and the vote is reported to a computerized tallying system. Voters who choose a write-in candidate may type the name of the candidate in an designated area on-screen.

Can Nigeria Use Electroni Ballots in Presidential Elections and even in governorship elections?
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