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I Support The Agitation For Creation Of The Republc Of Biafra – Abdulrahman Alfa

on Mon 19 Dec 2016, 8:09 pm
By: Abdulrahman Alfa

For so many reasons. I want to be invited for any peaceful protest in Northern Nigeria for the realization of Biafra. I will join. Some of the reasons why I am in support of the Creation of the long awaited, well deserved Republic of Biafra include:

(i). The people concerned want the Republic of Biafra (why should they be deprived of their God-given rights to self determination!?) and why should anybody be forced against his individual, collective or group interests to be part of Nigeria that they did not believe in!

(ii). Nigeria is what it is today by virtue of its current composition – land, human and material resources, but if any component part feels other wise its agitation for self determination MUST NOT be scuttled or muffled.


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