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Lv3: Senior Member
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How p*rn Affects Your s*x Life

on Wed 21 Sep 2016, 9:06 pm
(Your Love life and Pornography)

Pornography is the portrayal of sexually explicit contents on pictures, magazines, videos and so on for the sole purpose of arousing anyone who views them. Pornography is also called p*rn.
Several years back however, p*rn was not really accessible to everyone in the form which they are these day. Back then, you had only play boy magazines with pictures of scantily clad models. Things started to get bolder by the day and got even worse with the advent of the internet.
In as much as p*rn is said to have helped couples build and continuously revive their s*x life, it also has a few negative effects on one's love life which cannot be over emphasized. Such effects include:

p*rn gives room for unrealistic expectations: Constant viewing of pornography makes you crave to have s*x in ways which ordinarily you would find repulsive. You always want to do something different and insanely wild. I'm totally not against spicing things up in the bedroom; but when you want to do that because you have programmed your brain to believe that, 'the weirder, the sexier', then something is seriously wrong.

p*rn never satisfies: p*rn instils lust and lust is never satisfied. The amazing thing is, lust doesn't crave for more, it craves for something 'different'. This is the reason why someone will have a very wonderful partner and still cheat on them; not because their partner is not attractive. The other person in question may not even be as attractive as their partner, but they just needed something different.
To see more, visit*rn-is-not-harmless-your-love-life-and-pornography
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