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How Are Mountains, Valley and Caves Formed?

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PostGeaty on Mon 05 May 2014, 5:48 am

How Are Mountains, Valley and Caves Formed?
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PostBrainstorm on Mon 05 May 2014, 5:54 am

Mountains are formed when two of the contiental plates that makes up the earth’s crust collide. The force cause by the collision pushes both plates (also called tectonic plates) upwards creating a mountain. Valleys and caves are also natural features craeted by erosion and the movement of theEarth’s crust.
Mountains are formed when two of the Earth’s tectonic plates collide. The crust is forced up between the two plates, giving birth to the mountain range.
A valley is a low-lying area of land that is usually found at the foot of mountains or hills. The most common way valleys are formed by the action of the river. As a river flows downhill, it cuts through the land like a knife. Over thousands of years the river erodes the land of form a vallley, usually in the shape of a V. in contrast, avlleys formed by glaciers are often U-shaped, because they are formed by rocks carried, because they are formed by rocks carried in the glacier that erode the soil.

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